Air Conditioning Service and Cleaning

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioners Can Attract a Great Deal of Dirt and Debris that Negatively Affects Performance.

As the heat of summer creeps ever closer, homeowners would do well to schedule preventative air conditioning service for their HVACs. Though you can regularly see to basic requirements like the changing of an air filter, your air conditioner will also need the benefit of regular service from a seasoned, professional team. Gold Shield Services Inc. represents your expert source for air conditioner maintenance. We not only will inspect your system for signs of problems, we will also perform a full cleaning and make many repairs on the spot.

Our expert technicians understand and appreciate the value of preventative maintenance. When you schedule work with our team, you can depend on a rapid response and thorough, comprehensive service. For all needs with air conditioning service in Des Plaines, IL, give your local experts at Gold Shield Services Inc. a call at (847) 553-4691. You will not only receive the full benefit of our customer service but an air conditioner better able to withstand the demands of the season.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

Our Expertise with ACs Extends to Commercial Units.

The numerous tasks associated with air conditioning service, from the inspection of motors and electrical connections to the cleaning of moving parts and coils, should always remain entrusted to true professionals. If you decide to hire Gold Shield Services Inc. for this service, you can look forward to the following.

Improved Efficiency: The accumulation of wear and tear on an air conditioner places strain on components like the blower motor. This can lead to decreased energy efficiency and higher bills, as your air conditioner struggles to overcome the stress. For an air conditioner with regular maintenance, you can expect it to maintain around 95 percent of its efficiency over the course of a long life.

Increased Reliability: Of course, air conditioners that receive the benefit of regular maintenance and service will prove more reliable than other units. Our techs will quickly and thoroughly review any problem areas across your system, and can perform the service you need to achieve added years of reliable service.

Call for Expert Service

To achieve the full value of your investment into an air conditioner, schedule regular service with our team today. Gold Shield Services Inc. represents your premier source for air conditioning service in Des Plaines, IL. To enable this service moving forward, or to ask any questions, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.