Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Energy Efficient HVAC

Advancements in Technology Have Led to Efficiency Improvements in a Wide Array of Appliances.

Most homes expend the great majority of their energy through the HVAC. If this seems unbelievable, consider the frequency with which we run our heaters and air conditioners throughout certain times of the year. Once a homeowner accepts the continual nature of their HVAC’s function, energy efficient systems begin to make a lot of sense. Since newer models of HVACs will always come with improvements to energy efficiency, we encourage all of our clients to replace older models. At Gold Shield Services Inc., we can provide for the expert installation of an energy efficient HVAC.

When it comes to energy efficient HVACs, quality of installation matters a great deal. Our expert technicians understand all the particularities that go into HVAC installs. If your older system has failed, you can count on not only fast, reliable service from our team, but also an HVAC that saves you money on a monthly basis. To schedule installation of an energy efficient HVAC in Des Plaines, IL, reach out to our crew today at (847) 553-4691.

Characteristics of an Energy Efficient HVAC

Energy Efficient HVAC

Modern ACs Come with Improvements Like Variable Speed Technology.

Energy efficient HVACs provide a high number of benefits for any home. If you still feel wedded to your older system, consider the following before you discount a new installation.

Variable Speeds: One of the most significant technological improvements with a direct impact on efficiency, variable speed technology appears commonplace among new HVACs. This technology allows for a heater or air conditioner to modulate its flow in accordance with need. Instead of an “all or nothing” approach, variable speed technology allows for more comfortable, even heating throughout a home, and saves money on monthly bills.

Longer Life: An HVAC equipped with variable speeds will also last longer than other models. Speed variations allow an HVAC to work less throughout its life, which reduces wear on integral components and extends the overall longevity of your system.

Save Money: Choosing the right energy efficient HVAC for your home can come with profound savings benefits. Older styles of HVAC will generally operate at around 65 percent efficiency. Newer models, on the other hand, can achieve efficiency ratings of 90 percent or more. This means that only 10 percent of the money you spend toward heating and cooling becomes wasted through the operation of the machine itself.

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If you want to save money and make your home more comfortable, contact Gold Shield Services Inc. today. We stand as your local source for an energy efficient HVAC in Des Plaines, IL. To schedule installation or repairs, or to simply ask our team some questions, never hesitate to give us a call at (847) 553-4691.