Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Many of Our Indoor Air Quality Systems Integrate Seamlessly with an HVAC.

Since most Americans spend a great deal of time inside, indoor air quality represents a primary concern for homes and businesses. Few people realize the extent to which indoor air can become and remain polluted. As a matter of fact, indoor air is frequently more polluted than the air outside. This difference appears stark when you consider the percentages — two to five times worse for indoor air — and the lack of protective systems in most structures.

At Gold Shield Services Inc., we take indoor air quality seriously. Whether you pursue indoor air filtration or an air purifier, we encourage all of our clients to choose some solution for indoor air quality. Most indoor air pollution comes from everyday products and activities. Because of this, it becomes difficult to simply change your way of life, and easier to pursue quality solutions through a partner like Gold Shield Services Inc. If you have any issues with indoor air quality in Des Plaines, IL, call us today at (847) 553-4691.

Standard Detriments to Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Advanced Filtration Devices Can Leave the Air in Your Home Healthier and Safer.

As you consider your air quality solutions, it can be useful to explore different varieties of air pollutants. Once you’ve identified your most troublesome issue, you can choose an indoor air answer that caters more to your unique demands.

Mold: Though you can never eradicate mold spores, you can treat the conditions that allow them to activate and spread. Mold not only compromises air quality but also has a directly negative health impact. The simplest way to counteract mold is to control the environmental moisture that allows it to thrive. A dehumidifier can present a lot of value in this regard.

Chemicals: Chemical emissions can have a seriously detrimental impact on your health. Whether these chemicals come from cleaners, furnishings, or building materials, they produce the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that have the widest impact on health.

Particles: Actual particles of dirt, debris, and dander can also present a serious problem for an indoor environment. Like chemicals and mold, they can negatively impact health with the serious side effect of aggravated allergies.

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For any of the pollutants above, consider our array of purifier and filtration services. Gold Shield Services Inc. can install the systems that improve indoor air quality in Des Plaines, IL. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.