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Our Team Provides Comprehensive Work for Both Residential and Commercial HVACs.

{Gold Shield Services Inc. represents the leading local provider for all requirements of heating and AC repair.|At Gold Shield Services Inc. our team is the unbeatable local source for any AC repair or heater work.|If you necessitate AC repair or heater work throughout our service area, entrust the nearby experts at Gold Shield Services Inc.|For unbeatable work with AC repair or heating service, contact the premier team at Gold Shield Services Inc..} Our element of talent and experience leave us a top-tier choice for HVAC services. We care above anything else for the comfort of our clientele’s homes. We additionally offer an exceptional level of proficiency and service for commercial customers.

With in excess of 12 years of trade experience, we constantly find updated strategies to improve the quality of our service and work. Our accomplishments and workmanship provide ever greater reason for trust in our work. When it comes to honesty and integrity, we have no area competitors. Our clients furthermore value our fidelity to open communication. For heating or AC repair in Wood Dale, IL, do not hesitate to contact us at (847) 553-4691.

Our AC Repair Services

{Our team remains able to offer complete AC repair work to have your system working again.|To get your system running again, you should rely on our comprehensive AC repair offerings.|For the indispensable AC repair you need, believe in the efforts of Gold Shield Services Inc..|Gold Shield Services Inc. is prepared to service any need for AC repair work.} If you require emergency AC service, installs, or replacement, you can count on our fast response and dialed-in work. Aside from our basic install and repair services, we also provide work for ductless mini split ACs, humidifiers, dehumidifers, air ducts, and whole house air purifiers. If you wish to know a whole new grade of superb service from an HVAC contractor, call us today.

  • AC Replacement & Install {[nw_data field=company] provides unbeatable work for air conditioners.|For unbeatable services across a wide variety of brands, go with [nw_data field=company]|Our services for ACs are peerless, and take place over a selection of brands.|Despite the brand you select, we provide exceptional replacement and installations for air conditioners.}
  • Emergency AC Repair Call us with confidence should you necessitate emergency services.
  • Air Duct Install & Repair {Trust our team for both installations and service of air ducts.|If you require service or install of air ducts, {[nw_data field=company]|our team} has you covered.|We have got our customers covered in the appearance of any repair needs for air ducts.|We can install and repair air ducts for our commercial and residential clientele.}
  • Ductless Mini Split ACs Older homes in need of AC can take advantage of the benefits of a ductless mini split system.
  • AC Freon Recharge If an air conditioner system refuses to create cooler air, then you likely need Freon recharge.
  • Whole House Humidifiers {Whole house humidity management is an enjoyable benefit for most homeowners.|Humidity management will provide many benefits for a household.|Too much or too little humidity can manufacture health and safety issues in a home.|To avert the drawbacks of too much or not enough humidity, ponder humidity control from {our team|[nw_data field=company]}.}
  • Air Conditioning Service Biannual service for your HVAC stands as a premier method to lengthen its serviceability.
  • Indoor Air Quality Everyone in a home can experience improvements to health and allergies with improved quality of air.

Heating Company

Heaters are invaluable devices that absolutely need to function. {Gold Shield Services Inc.. is the area leader for furnace service and boiler repair in Wood Dale, IL.|When you need a local source for furnace service and boiler repair in Wood Dale, IL, go with the experts at Gold Shield Services Inc..|Anytime you need fast, dependable furnace service or boiler repair in Wood Dale, IL, depend on the local solution at Gold Shield Services Inc..|When you necessitate a quick response for boiler repair or furnace service in Wood Dale, IL, rely on the leaders at Gold Shield Services Inc..} For any brand of heating system, our team offers work on a standard you will not find anywhere else. If you wish to obtain maximum value from your heater, you should set up maintenance from our crew. If you are curious about geothermal heat, we additionally are the local source for service and installation.

  • Gas Furnaces The advantages of a gas furnace make it an excellent choice for heat.
  • Electric Furnaces If you want an alternative to a gas furnace, consider an electric device.
  • Boiler Repair When you consider boilers, we offer top-tier installation, design, and repair work.
  • LP Gas Heaters For an environmentally-sound heating device, choose an LP gas heater.
  • Geothermal Heating These systems utilize the heat existent within the earth to warm a home.

HVAC Parts Replacement

{A worn out HVAC can locate its perfect service solution through Gold Shield Services Inc..|If your HVAC has worn out, call us to learn about parts replacement.|We provide full parts replacement work for almost any variety of HVAC.|At Gold Shield Services Inc., we are your source for the replacement HVAC parts you require.} {Regardless of whether you require AC repair, boiler repair, or furnace service, you can depend on the parts replacement services of our team.|Whether it’s boiler repair, furnace service, or AC repair, you can count on our team’s replacement part services.|For boiler repair, AC repair, or furnace service, count on {Gold Shield Services Inc.‘s|our team’s} replacement parts service.|Our replacement parts service makes it a breeze to satisfy your needs with boiler repair, AC repair, or furnace service.} We also stick to total honesty with our clients, and we will not try to sell you on HVAC replacement that you do not need. Our predominant concern is the comfort of your house, not the number of expensive projects we can schedule.

  • Air Conditioner Parts We can take care of any variety of parts for an air conditioner.
  • Heater Parts Replacement parts can both improve your heater and protect it from damage.
  • AC Compressor {For repair of this indispensable part, go with [nw_data field=company].|Repair of a compressor should usually be entrusted to the professionals at [nw_data field=company].|[nw_data field=company] will happily handle your repair requirements for an AC compressor.|If you need to find a replacement for your AC compressor, contact the leaders at [nw_data field=company].}
  • HVAC Thermostat The thermostat performs as the controls for an HVAC system.
  • Air Conditioner Fans Two invaluable elements of your air conditioner appear as its fans.
  • AC Coil Air conditioner coils gather hot air and humidity and move it outside your residence.

Commercial HVAC Company

AC Repair

At Gold Shield Services Inc. We Have the Tools to Accomplish Any HVAC-Related Job.

{Gold Shield Services Inc. represents the local leader for all varieties of commercial HVAC service.|Any variety of commercial HVAC work will have its one-stop resolution in Gold Shield Services Inc..|Whatever the type of commercial HVAC work you need, Gold Shield Services Inc. can satisfy your necessity.|For a reliable and proficient solution for any commercial HVAC issue, trust Gold Shield Services Inc..} {If you require furnace service, boiler repair, or AC repair, we’re the commercial crew you can rely on.|We are the commercial crew to rely on, regardless of if you need furnace service, AC repair, or boiler repair.|For boiler repair, AC repair, or furnace repair, you can rely upon the commercial team at Gold Shield Services Inc..|For all requirements across AC repair, furnace service, or boiler repair, depend on the expert commercial contractors on our team.} We are additionally the area team to trust when you necessitate service or install of an HVAC unit on your roof. We furthermore provide for the service and cleaning of every commercial HVAC.

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Our team can provide for the long-term service of any HVAC. All HVAC units, commercial and residential alike, are a large investment. Our topmost goal is to offer the optimal service of your HVAC unit down through the years. To learn additional information or schedule AC repair in Wood Dale, IL, reach out to our team today at (847) 553-4691.