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A Noisy Furnace Is a Bad Sign

It’s December, which means two things: homeowners are starting to decorate their homes, and the grand holiday dinner is just around the corner! Also, you’re probably paying more than normal amounts of attention to your heating system now because you’ve seen enough disastrous holiday movies to know what a failed furnace means. Well, the good news is that your vigilance is likely to pay off. When you notice something out of the ordinary for your heating unit, be sure to call our team to have it repaired.

However, you’re not just here to learn that “bad things are bad!” You want to know what those bad things are, so you can get a better grasp on the condition of your heating system and how urgent the problem is. We completely understand! That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves as your local experts on everything HVAC in Cary, IL to provide you with a list of furnace noises and what they mean for your home.

3 Noises to Remember

This blog post could go on forever if we tried to talk about every type of noise that your furnace encounters. We don’t want to make your eyes fall out of your head from reading too much! If you’ve got a unique noise that you can’t find anywhere on the web, or you’re frustrated with a bunch of different furnace problems, then be sure to call our team. We’re professionals, which means we can accurately diagnose and repair your system quickly and effectively. That’s our promise to you!

Now, let’s get to three common furnace noises that you’ll want to avoid.


A booming furnace is nothing to scoff at. In fact, while it might be commonplace in homes around the country, it’s definitely a problem that needs to be fixed.

When your furnace is booming, that means the ignition is getting clogged up by dirt, soot, dust, and a number of other contaminants. This leads to gas pooling in the system and igniting all at once, causing a small explosion to take place. The more this occurs, the more pressure your system is undergoing and the more likely it is that a part gets cracked or misaligned due to constant shifting.


Rattling seems like a benign sound, but it can quickly become a major issue over time.

When your furnace system is rattling, it’s likely dealing with a broken part, a loose screw, or a component that’s become misaligned. This isn’t terrible by itself, but the big problem comes from when this broken component starts bumping into other pieces of your heating system as a result.

Whistling or Squealing

We want to be clear: while sometimes these sounds can be heard as one and the same, they’re actually different! A squealing furnace usually refers to a blower motor belt that’s fraying and starting to squeal as the rubber falls apart. Whistling might sound similar, but it could be the sound of air escaping through cracks and leaks in your air ducts, or even from the casing of the furnace itself. Both of these sounds warrant repairs, and they can get worse over time.

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