Commercial HVAC in Des Plaines, IL

Commercial HVAC

We Provide Premier Service for Any Component of a Commercial HVAC.

When you consider investments in your business, a commercial HVAC stands as one of the largest. The value of this investment becomes realized through your system's dependability and efficient service. To ensure that your HVAC operates optimally and achieves the long-term potential of its lifespan, partner with Gold Shield Services Inc. Our expert technicians have all the tools and experience necessary to render top-of-the-line service to your HVAC.

An industrial HVAC represents a complicated system. Gold Shield Services Inc. has all the equipment and personnel necessary for the intricate work that your HVAC may require. We also make sure to provide a variety of HVAC services. Regardless of your particular issue, you can trust us for exceptional labor across any component. For any needs with a commercial HVAC in Des Plaines, IL, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.

Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Service

Commercial HVAC

Our Team Can Provide Rapid, Thorough Service for Your HVAC Issue.

Problems with Temperature Control: The most obvious sign that you need HVAC service comes from your system’s inability to maintain a desired temperature. Worn-out components will have difficulty reaching the targeted result. Consequently, your system may run longer with reduced efficiency.

Bad Smells: If your HVAC seems to produce unpleasant smells, it provides a clear indication that you need service. You could have a major blockage within your ductwork, or the filters throughout your system could have become clogged. Either way, you should call for immediate service.

Higher Costs: Since a worn-out HVAC operates with less efficiency, it will require more and more power. You will see this result across your energy bills, especially if you can compare them to bills from previous years. Since any number of worn parts can lead to decreased efficiency, call Gold Shield Services Inc. to perform an expert inspection.

Repair needs will always carry a requirement for professional service. At Gold Shield Services Inc., we offer comprehensive work across the following areas.

  • Commercial Boiler Repair Your boiler represents an indispensable component of your commercial HVAC. Watch out for leaks and strange noises as clear signs for repair.
  • Commercial Furnace Repair A cold commercial building can alienate both customers and employees. To keep your structure warm throughout the season, trust us for repairs.
  • Commercial AC Repair Your air conditioner keeps your structure cool throughout the hottest months of the year. For continued reliability, schedule regular maintenance with our team.
  • Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Rooftop HVACs come with many clear benefits, not the least of which is better utilization of space. [nw_data field=company] offers full service for these HVACs.
  • Commercial HVAC Service & Cleaning Schedule maintenance from our team twice a year to claim all the benefits of regular service. Your HVAC will perform better and last longer with our help.
  • Industrial HVAC Service Our team service any need whatsoever with an industrial HVAC. From cleaning to repairs and maintenance, you can count on our team’s expertise.

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Gold Shield Services Inc. represents your local source for any issues with a commercial HVAC in Des Plaines, IL. With exceptionally trained technicians and all the latest equipment, we can service your HVAC to the highest levels of excellence. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.