Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service

Our Expert Team Will Respond Quickly and Perform Exceptional Service for Your AC Repairs.

A commercial air conditioner comes with repair needs that require top-tier professional service. Gold Shield Services Inc. has built its reputation as the premier source for commercial air conditioning repair service across the regional area. Our superb technicians have all the training and expertise necessary to both recognize repair needs and perform them to the highest standards of excellence. The next time you encounter a need for repair on your commercial AC, do not hesitate to choose Gold Shield Services Inc..

A commercial air conditioning system represents a serious investment that you rely upon across a daily basis. When repairs become necessary, you need a dependable team that can execute a rapid response. Gold Shield Services Inc. never wastes time, and stands as the premier commercial air conditioning repair service around Des Plaines, IL. To learn more or schedule immediate service, simply give us a call at (847) 553-4691.

Your Local Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service

For Commercial Systems Large and Small, We Can Both Recognize Need and Perform Rapid Repairs.

Your commercial air conditioner will in all likelihood present signs for its need of repair. If you pay attention to these signs, you can have service performed before a problem spirals out of control. To prevent expensive repairs or total failure, maintain an awareness for these symptoms.

Complaints: One obvious sign for repair comes from a prevalence of complaints. While it’s okay to chalk one or two complaints up to individual preference, widespread discontent should prompt a call for professional service. If an adjustment of the thermostat doesn’t work to satisfy the complaints, then give ANC Mechanical, Inc. a call.

Rising Bills: If your bills have begun to creep upward for no discernible reason, then you may be able to point the finger at a malfunctioning air conditioner. A lack of efficiency from your AC can signify a need for many different repairs. Your best bet in this scenario is to schedule service from a reputable contractor like ANC Mechanical, Inc.

System Short Cycling: Under normal circumstances, an air conditioner should run for a few minutes, hit the desired temperature, then shut off. If your air conditioner runs briefly and shuts off prematurely, then you have a problem. In all likelihood, the system has begun to overheat, a problem that requires professional service.

Lack of Cool Air: If your AC has begun to produce lukewarm air, then you could try changing the air filter. Sometimes, a clogged filter will impede airflow to the extent that it increases its temperature. If this doesn’t help, you probably have an issue with your compressor. A quick call to ANC Mechanical, Inc. can reveal the definite problem.

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The next time you detect a need for air conditioner repair, call Gold Shield Services Inc.. at (847) 553-4691. We are the team to trust for commercial air conditioning repair service in Des Plaines, IL. For the best work at affordable prices, trust in our experienced, reliable team.