Commercial HVAC Service & Cleaning

Commercial HVAC Service

A Lack of Regular Maintenance Can Lead to Dirty Filters and Other Problems.

At Gold Shield Services Inc., we represent the local experts for all commercial HVAC services. When you hire our team for work, you can count on a lasting impact to your commercial heater, air conditioner, or boiler. Our expert technicians understand all the intricacies of a system, and can perform commercial HVAC service to extend its life. Scheduled service comes with many benefits for your HVAC system. Attain them today through a partnership with Gold Shield Services Inc..

Service is required if you want to achieve the full value of your HVAC investment. Gold Shield Services Inc.. has built its business on the quality of our HVAC services. When you hire us for regular maintenance at your commercial facility, you can count on dependable, thorough, and professional work. To learn more about our regular commercial HVAC service in Des Plaines, IL, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.

Advantages of Regular Commercial HVAC Service

Commercial HVAC Service

Our Service Capabilities Extend to All Varieties and Components of a Commercial HVAC.

Save Money: Lots of factors can influence your HVAC and cause it to perform less efficiently over time. Dirty filters and improper configuration both represent common problems that impact an HVAC’s performance. When we perform maintenance, we ensure that every element of your HVAC system is optimized for energy efficiency. This saves you money, and reduces wear on your system.

Avoid Repairs: Smaller HVAC issues can quickly spiral into expensive, major repairs. To prevent this occurrence with your commercial units, schedule maintenance twice a year from our team. As part of this service, we will catch and correct small problems. This preventative maintenance can not only save you money, it can avert problems that would otherwise cause your system to fail.

Safety: If your HVAC system includes a gas furnace, regularly scheduled maintenance can protect you and your employees from carbon monoxide poisoning. Our technicians can identify problems that may lead to a leak, such as a cracked heat exchanger, and fix them immediately. This can stop problems before they ever occur, and save you the trouble of dealing with a full-on leak.

We Are Your Local Experts

Gold Shield Services Inc. represents the local experts for commercial HVAC service in Des Plaines, IL. If you schedule maintenance with our team twice every year, you can count on prolonged benefits for your commercial system. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.