Does Your Gas Furnace Need Repair?

Hand Cleaning Inside Of Gas Furnace

Changing Your Gas Furnace Filter Is An Important Part Of Maintenance.

Your gas furnace is not something you can neglect and then expect that it will work properly down the road. The expected lifespan of a gas furnace is roughly 15 years. That means that while you have it, you need to take the best care of it as possible by doing your regular maintenance. Making sure that it is running properly and always doing your annual gas furnace maintenance is a huge factor in keeping it working as long as possible. Knowing the signs that your furnace is beginning to struggle, will help you down the road make the best decisions and also save you money as well. There are many signs you need to look for with a gas furnace repair that we will cover down below. Finding the right company to help you take care of any repairs that need to be done is also a crucial part of keeping your system working at its best.

When to Replace Gas Furnace?

Your gas furnace will likely only last you around 15 years and that is if you take the best care of it and do regular maintenance. These machines work very hard to keep your home warm so they have a little shorter lifespans than many other machines in your home. You should create a furnace maintenance checklist to keep on hand so that you always remember to have someone come out once a year and to regularly change your filters. This will keep your gas furnace working at its best and even make its life last longer as well. Most companies that work on these kinds of machines will have maintenance plans that you can sign up for and use when you need it. They can send you reminders so that you don’t ever have to think twice about it because it will all come to you when it is time. A home furnace repair should be done by a trained professional and will allow you to keep your home and yourself safer. Machines that require gas, are more dangerous than other machines because if you end up with a gas leak, it can be very dangerous to your health and overall safety.

Why Would My Gas Furnace Stop Working?

If your furnace stops working out of nowhere, you likely need a gas furnace repair done by a trained professional. Another reason might be that the filter is too dirty and it needs to be replaced. If the filter is dirty, air cannot run through it properly and it makes it hard for everything to circulate. Once the filter has become too clogged, it can begin to cause problems to the entire system and because of the loss of proper airflow, it can overheat. Make sure that you also check the ignition light to see if that has gone out. If it has, you will want to try to relight it and get it working again. Doing maintenace is what will keep your machine running properly. Hearing loud noises from the inside of the machine? This is never a good sign and will need to be checked out right away.

How To Keep Your Gas Furnace Healthy: Knowing The Signs

1. When was the last time you had a gas furnace tune-up? If it has been more than a year, this is a problem. You should aim to have your furnace maintenance once per year and no later than that. This will allow you to replace the filter and get a new one, but filters should actually be changed a lot more than that, some need to be done once a month or so. You can ask your mechanic to set you up with reminders for them to come out and do it to avoid the headache of remembering and constantly going to the store for new filters.

2. If you go to check your furnace and you see liquid on the ground, check it out right away. Furnaces will only leak two different things: water and gas, and neither one of them is good. If the problem turns out to be gas, it can be a serious problem and very dangerous for you to be around. It is also highly flammable and will need to be handled by a trained professional right away. Water leaks are a lot easier and can be treated like normal repair. Your best bet it to call your plumber right away no matter what and set up an appointment for a gas furnace service.

3. Another big sign is that your gas furnace will not ignite. This means that something is wrong and it might be that the furnace is a goner or just that you are low on gas and it needs to be refilled. If you have tried several times and can’t get it to work, calling a plumber to walk to through it can help. If that still doesn’t work, you may have a bigger problem on your hands.

4. If your gas bill starts to creep higher and higher, that is likely because your furnace is not working properly. This could be that you need some gas furnace repair parts to be swapped out or it could be as simple as changing a PVC pipe out somewhere in your system. The best thing you can do is call a technician and have them come out to take a look to rule out a gas leak and hopefully get your bill lowered back down.

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