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Heating Company

From Home Devices to Commercial Machines, Gold Shield Services, Inc. Is Your Source for Heater Repair.

When winter arrives, chances are that your heater becomes the most important appliance in your home. If you need a partner for repair and maintenance, you should choose the expert team at Gold Shield Services Inc.. Our specializations cover a large variety of heating devices. We consider it our number one goal to become the only HVAC company you need through our expert work and premier customer service.

Like all appliances, heaters tend to fail throughout their period of heaviest use. Since this time frame coincides with winter, it becomes not uncommon for a heater to fail and leave a family with little recourse. At Gold Shield Services Inc., we strive to provide timely and responsive service to your first call. Furthermore, we encourage all of our clients to pay attention to repair needs, and call (847) 553-4691 at the first sign for service. As the premier heating company in Des Plaines, IL, we can quickly and efficiently interpret these signs and complete any necessary work.

Our Heating Company Services

Heating Company

We Specialize in Comprehensive Service for Home Furnaces and Boilers.

We pride ourselves on the rapid repair of any problem with a heating system. Regardless of your type of furnace or boiler, certain signs will always occur to signal a need for heating repair. Pay attention for the following, and do not hesitate to get in touch with us for timely service.

High Bills: Most modern heating systems, regardless of their type or fuel requirements, have fairly high energy efficiency. If your electric, gas, or oil bill suddenly skyrockets, you can likely blame a heater malfunction. Heaters operate most efficiently when they remain in good repair.

Higher Thermostat: If it seems like you’re cranking the heater more than ever before, your system likely has a problem. An inefficient heater in need of repair will struggle to meet whatever demands you set. If this demand has become a basic degree of comfort, then worn-out parts or a dirty filter provide the likely culprit.

Poor Air Quality: Heaters in need of service will deliver sub-par air throughout a home. Whether it’s a clogged air filter, dirty air ducts, or worse, problems with air quality can negatively affect your health. Pollen, mold, bacteria, and other unsavory things can freely circulate through a furnace that stands in need of service.

Reach out to our team to schedule work should any of the preceding become apparent. As for general service, we offer it across the following categories:

  • Central Heating Systems Central heating provides an excellent comfort to a home or business. Pay attention to the signs of repair, and you can get the most from your heater.
  • Gas Furnaces Cost efficient and easy to maintain, gas furnaces represent one of the most popular choices for home heating.
  • Electric Furnaces Electric furnaces offer an excellent alternative to gas furnaces and come with their own unique set of advantages.
  • Boiler Repair Boilers provide a widespread solution to both residential and commercial heating needs. For premier service or installation, trust our team.
  • LP Gas Heaters For a family or business that wants to reduce its carbon footprint, LP gas heaters provide an excellent option.
  • Geothermal Heating Geothermal heat pumps rely upon the earth’s geothermal energy for heating needs. Though expensive to install, these systems offer unbeatable efficiency.
  • Heating System Maintenance A heating system that receives the benefit of regular maintenance can last for 16 to 20 years. Maintained systems also provide greater comfort.
  • Standard Water Heater A standard water heater will bring dependable comfort to a home. Trust our team for repairs and installation.
  • Tankless Water Heater Tankless water heaters offer the convenience of continuous hot water. [nw_data field=company] offers maintenance and installation services.

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Throughout the long winter, you can count on Gold Shield Services Inc. as the premier heating company for Des Plaines, IL. We understand our area and its heating demands and deliver peerless service with a high degree of professionalism. Regardless of your specific type of heater, give us a call at (847) 553-4691 for any of your home comfort needs.