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Electric Furnace

Electric Furnaces Can Leave Homes Comfortable Throughout the Cold Season.

Most homeowners want only the best for their homes, especially when it comes to appliances. Of course, we must also weigh the relative benefits of an appliance against its costs. If you are in the market for a heater, an electric furnace provides a wealth of advantages. Though often discounted against traditional alternatives like gas furnaces, electric models can certainly achieve their fair share of advantages in the right scenario.

Gold Shield Services Inc. stands as your local source for the repair and replacement of electric furnaces. Our expert team can perform unparalleled installations that leave your home warm and comfortable for the season. We can also perform full service and repairs on electric furnaces to ensure you get the most value from your system. For any needs with an electric furnace in Denver, CO, call our exceptional team at (847) 553-4691.

Advantages of an Electric Furnace

Availability: One of the premier benefits of electricity as a heating fuel comes from its widespread availability. Whereas it can be difficult to have propane or heating oil delivered on a regular basis, few areas have trouble with the availability of electricity.

Efficiency: Even though electricity can cost more than gas, a well-maintained electric furnace will provide a higher degree of efficiency. Since efficiency represents a device’s ability to reproduce investment through performance, the owner of a highly efficient electric furnace will find themselves paying a comparable amount when compared to gas for heating.

Cheaper Upfront: While many people dismiss electric furnaces as the more expensive alternative to oil or gas models, they are actually much cheaper to purchase and install. If you need an immediate solution to a failed furnace, electric models thus represent a more cost-effective option.

Safety: With electric furnaces, you never have to worry about dangerous leaks or a potential for explosion. Electric furnaces simply provide safe, dependable comfort with a minimum of fuss.

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Gold Shield Services Inc. represents your premier source for the installation and service of an electric furnace in Des Plaines, IL. Our team of experts technicians understands how to perform optimal installations for these systems, and remain available for your service at (847) 553-4691. To achieve all the benefits of an electric furnace, contact us today.