LP Gas Heater Systems

LP Gas Heater

An LP Gas Heater Provides a Safe and Reliable Solution for Home Heating.

Propane has served as a reliable and cost-efficient source of heating for many decades. Most consumers fail to realize that this important fuel actually comes in two different forms. A byproduct of natural gas processing, propane comes in both liquid and gas varieties. Whereas water has different properties as a liquid and as steam, propane possesses a similarly dual nature. In fact, liquid propane, usable for homes through an LP gas heater, differs enough from propane vapor that the two cannot work interchangeably in the same system.

At Gold Shield Services Inc., we prepare homes to utilize the vast array of benefits afforded through LP gas. As a popular choice for home heating, LP gas supports everything from off-the-grid living, to families that simply want an affordable way to lessen their carbon footprint. Whether or not you want to pursue this option for your own home, the numerous benefits of LP gas should at least give you pause when considering a new heating system. For an LP gas heater in Des Plaines, IL, give our team your first call at (847) 553-4691.

Benefits of an LP Gas Heater

LP Gas Heater

LP Gas Burns Hotter and Produces Fewer Emissions than Other Types of Energy Sources.

High-Energy Choice: Propane represents a high-energy choice that outperforms other types of fuel. With a higher octane rating than gasoline, propane burns hotter and longer for exceptional comfort. A heat pump, for example, will only warm air to around 100 degrees. An LP gas heater, on the other hand, can consistently heat air to around 115 degrees. Electricity can take an hour to reheat a standard tank of hot water, whereas propane can accomplish the same in 20 minutes.

Environmentally Safe: Propane burns cleaner than any fossil fuel, has a low carbon content, and produces almost zero emissions. It also does not contaminate the soil or groundwater and can reduce the usage of petroleum by 99 percent. If you are interested in lessening your own impact upon the earth, LP gas heat provides a valuable tool.

Dependable: It’s a nightmare scenario: in the dead of winter, a power outage takes out your home heating. If you count on a LP gas heater, however, you will never need to worry about this eventuality. As a reliable choice in an emergency, you cannot beat LP gas. So long as you keep your propane tanks filled, you can count on total home comfort.

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Gold Shield Services Inc. counts as your standard choice for an LP gas heater in Des Plaines, IL. This reliable, renewable, and cost-effective solution for home heating can bring benefits to your household today. To learn more about LP gas or schedule a consultation, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.