Oil Heating System Service

Oil Heating System

Heating Oil Represents One of the Safest and Most Dependable Options for Home Heating.

Considered one of the safest alternatives for home heat, an oil heating system comes with a host of benefits when compared to other fuels. In fact, home heating oil, while highly combustible within a specifically tailored system, has almost no potential as an explosive. This addresses perhaps the biggest concern with gas alternatives, and leaves your home both comfortably and safely heated.

Gold Shield Services Inc. represents the local leader for an oil heating system in Des Plaines, IL. A highly efficient home heating solution, oil has a higher BTU rating than most other types of fuel. Our expert team can install, service, and maintain oil heating systems for long-term benefits. If you sit at a crossroads in regards to your next heating system, you’ll definitely want to consider all the benefits that oil has to offer. To learn more, give us a call anytime at (847) 553-4691.

Oil Heating System Advantages

Oil Heating System

Heating Oil also Provides Excellent Efficiency as a Fuel for Water Heaters.

Efficiency: For every dollar that you spend heating your home, a modern oil heating system will return up to 95 percent as energy-efficient heat. Compared to other systems, heating oil stands as a clear leader for overall efficiency.

Safety and Comfort: Heating oil is completely safe and non-explosive. The oil’s combustibility as a heating fuel only becomes realized within its special system, and no outside worry for safety should exist. Despite this, oil will burn up to 300 degrees hotter than natural gas, a difference that provides for unparalleled comfort.

Economy: Cheaper than both natural gas and electricity, heating oil relies upon its unrivaled efficiency for seasonal savings. In fact, most estimates hold that heating oil provides for between 15 and 20 percent more economy than comparable fuel sources.

Popularity: Nearly 30 million Americans rely upon heating oil for their seasonal comfort. This popularity also extends to several national monuments, including the Statue of Liberty, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, and Saratoga national parks, and the military academy at West Point.

Local Leaders for Service

Gold Shield Services Inc. represents your local source for an oil heating system in Des Plaines, IL. Our expert technicians can enable the rapid installation or service of these systems, so you can enjoy an entire season of warm temperatures and total home comfort. For any and all needs, including consultation and scheduling, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.