HVAC Parts Replacement in Des Plaines, IL

HVAC Parts

We Can Provide Replacement Parts for All Components of Your HVAC System.

In order for your air conditioner or heater to function properly, you need the harmonious function of a broad array of parts. We offer premier parts services and replacement at Gold Shield Services Inc.. Despite its intricacy or magnitude, any HVAC problem can find its solution at Gold Shield Services Inc..

Gold Shield Services Inc. has built its reputation on the timely replacement of heater and AC parts, and the repair of any HVAC system. We can service both residential and commercial systems, and never shy away from a challenge. Our experienced, skilled technicians have seen and accomplished it all in regards to A/C and heater parts replacements, and are ready to share their expertise with you. For any needs with HVAC parts in Des Plaines, IL, give our team a call today at (847) 553-4691.

HVAC Parts We Supply

HVAC Parts

Our Services Extend to Include the Replacement of Parts and Repair for Commercial HVACs.

We supply HVAC parts across three different categories: those that function for the heater, those for the air conditioner, and those that provide service for the entire system. Parts like a heat exchanger or gas valve allow for the basic functionality of your gas furnace. Gas furnaces present a special case since faulty operation can represent a serious safety hazard. If you ever suspect a problem with your gas furnace, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Other parts, including major components like your AC coils or compressor, belong wholly to the air conditioner. The primary danger with air conditioners comes from the refrigerant, which can leak from your device and create a hazard. As for components shared between the AC and heater, the thermostat represents the most important. Your thermostat governs the operation of your HVAC, as it provides the signal to start or stop. A faulty thermostat can create major problems and deserves immediate repairs.

At Gold Shield Services Inc., we offer replacement HVAC parts across the following areas.

  • Air Conditioner Parts We take care of a wide variety of air conditioner parts that govern the regular function of your device. From compressors to capacitors, we replace it all.
  • Heater Parts When it comes to heater parts, no other local provider can match the thoroughness of our replacement services. Trust [nw_data field=company] with your heater.
  • AC Compressor Your AC Compressor functions as the heart of this complicated system. Your AC compressor transforms liquid refrigerant to gas as it generates cool air.
  • HVAC Thermostat Your HVAC thermostat provides the signals your HVAC needs to turn on, turn off, and complete its basic function to regulate a structure’s temperature.
  • Air Conditioner Fans Your air conditioner depends on two fans. One of these circulates cool air through your system and into your home. The other cools the compressor.
  • HVAC Blower Your HVAC blower fan circulates air throughout a structure. When this fan doesn’t function, your home will not receive the benefits of your HVAC’s work.
  • Heat Pumps Heat pumps represent an alternative to heaters and air conditioners that operate through heat transfer. We provide full services for these devices.
  • AC Coil Air conditioner coils represent indispensable elements of your HVAC. These components collect hot or humid air and transport it away from your home.

Superior Service from Our Team

Gold Shield Services Inc. can ensure unbeatable service when it comes to the repair and replacement of an HVAC part. The comprehensiveness of our services knows no equal across our regional area, and assures a rapid fix for whatever problem you may have. For any needs with HVAC parts in Des Plaines, IL, give us a call at (847) 553-4691.