AC Coil Cleaning & Replacement

AC Coil Cleaning

Condenser Coils Become Subject to All the Dirt and Debris Associated with an Outdoor Location.

Any residential or commercial air conditioner will benefit from regular maintenance and scheduled service. AC coil cleaning represents a primary component of either of these services. The coils of your air conditioner stand as one of the most important parts of the system. Your AC actually contains two types of coils: evaporator coils that absorb heat and humidity, and condenser coils that transport the heat outside of your structure. Since coils cannot do their job if coated with dirt, debris, or grime, regular cleaning becomes a necessity.

At Gold Shield Services Inc., we represent your primary local source for this valuable service. We understand the importance of AC coils, and can both professionally clean and repair coils that have become damaged through excess wear. For replacement or AC coil cleaning in Des Plaines, IL, go with our experienced team of expert technicians. To schedule cleaning, repair, or any other HVAC parts-related service, simply give us a call at (847) 553-4691.

The Benefits of AC Coil Cleaning

AC Coil Cleaning

We Provide Full Coil Cleaning Services for Both Residential and Commercial Clients.

AC coil cleaning represents an indispensable service for the continued operation of your air conditioner. The condenser coil, in particular, becomes subject to the elements through its location on your exterior unit. Evaporator coils, though located inside the structure, must deal with all the dust and airborne debris that can become endemic within interior spaces. If you pursue regular cleaning, you can expect the following benefits.

Lower Energy Bills: Dirty coils mean a system must work longer and harder to achieve the set temperature. Regular cleaning, on the other hand, enables your system to work more efficiently, which leads to lower energy bills.

Longer System Life: An AC system that has benefited from regular cleaning will last much longer. Since clean AC coils enable to system to work less, it experiences less of the wear that leads to an eventual breakdown.

Of course, in some cases, simple cleaning will not represent the only need for AC coils. Coils that have begun to leak refrigerant, for example, will need replacement. To determine whether your AC coils need full replacement, contact Gold Shield Services Inc. for an inspection.

Additional HVAC Parts-Related Services

In addition to our AC coil cleaning and replacement services, we also offer replacement work for a broad range of additional HVAC components.

  • AC Capacitors Your AC capacitor stores energy in order to satisfy excess demand on start-up.
  • Condenser Fan Motor A condenser fan prevents the overheating of your HVAC’s condenser.
  • Draft Inducer Motor This blower ensures the safe removal of harmful gases from inside your furnace.
  • ECM Motor ECM motors have variable speeds for your blower that make your system more energy efficient.
  • Furnace Gas Valve Your furnace gas valve controls the supply of gas. A problem here will leave a furnace inoperable.
  • Furnace Pressure Switch This switch, a safety mechanism in a furnace, must close in order for ignition to occur.
  • Heat Exchanger This vital component transfers heat from the combustion chamber to the air that will warm your structure.
  • HVAC Circuit Board This board controls the basic functions of your home or business’s air conditioner.
  • HVAC Control Board This board controls the basic functionality of the furnace for your home or business.
  • Hard Start Kit These capacitors provide help when your HVAC struggles to turn on.
  • Hot Surface Ignitor An alternative to a standing pilot, hot surface ignitors provide for greater energy efficiency.
  • HVAC Relay This simple switch turns on to allow for the function of high voltage components.

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