Heater and AC Capacitor Replacement

AC Capacitor

Our Expert Technicians Can Provide Full Service for the Repair and Replacement of Your AC Capacitor.

Your HVAC compressor draws a large amount of energy to start its cycle and achieve full output. This extra boost of energy becomes possible through the efforts of your HVAC’s capacitor. Like any type of capacitor, this component simply stores energy until the thermostat signals that your HVAC needs to run. Without the service of your heater and AC capacitor, your HVAC will fail to properly function. At Gold Shield Services Inc., we offer premier service for the replacement of an HVAC capacitor.

Many different situations can lead to the failure of your HVAC capacitor. Regularly scheduled maintenance from our team can both identify and repair common issues before they lead to failure. At the same time, we are fully equipped to replace failed capacitors to restore a malfunctioning HVAC to proper service. For any needs with an AC capacitor in Des Plaines, IL, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.

Signals for a New Heater or AC Capacitor

Over time, a capacitor naturally loses its ability to store energy. An older capacitor will simply provide the compressor with less energy upon each activation. At the same time, an older compressor will demand more energy from a capacitor to achieve its proper functionality. Eventually, your capacitor will fail in its attempts to meet this demand. If you notice any of the following signs, then your failing capacitor needs replacement.

Humming Sounds: A failing capacitor may simply refuse to start, and instead emit a telltale humming sound. It may alternately fail to start, then immediately begin to function properly. This intermittent functionality and worrisome sound both signal a need for replacement.

Starts and Stops: Additionally, a failing capacitor may start immediately, then shut off again. It may require several attempts before a malfunctioning capacitor properly energizes your compressor to do its work. Any inconsistency in your capacitor’s function signals a need for service or replacement.

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At Gold Shield Services Inc., we are your local source for the replacement of an HVAC capacitor. This vital component of your HVACs function needs the benefit of proper service. For any replacement or repair of an AC capacitor in Des Plaines, IL, count on our expert team. We remain available for your service at (847) 553-4691.