Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

Condenser Fan Motor

Your Condenser Fan Protects the Condenser Unit from Overheating.

In the heat of summer, you count on the dependable functionality of your air conditioner. The condenser fan, along with the motor that drives it, represent invaluable components of your HVAC. In the absence of the condenser fan, the condenser will likely overheat. This represents a major problem that equates to total failure of your air conditioner. A failed condenser requires expensive repairs, a consequence you can avoid with timely service to the condenser fan motor.

Gold Shield Services Inc. performs all the necessary service for replacement of a condenser fan motor in Des Plaines, IL. Our expert technicians can quickly and effectively replace these components to lengthen the overall life of your air conditioner. To learn more about this device, ask general questions, or schedule service, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.

Signs You Need Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

Condenser Fan Motor

Your Condenser Fan Sits Atop Your Exterior AC Unit and Preserves Its Healthy Operation.

A few simple signs can indicate that you need condenser fan motor replacement. Remember, a lack of care in this department will create the conditions for condenser failure, a major problem that requires extensive repairs. Pay attention to the symptoms of a failing condenser fan, and you can save yourself both money and headaches.

Burning Smell: A burning smell can indicate a need for a new condenser fan motor. This smell originates from parts that have begun to overheat in the absence of a fully functional condenser fan motor.

Warm Air: If your AC has begun to blow warm air, the condenser fan motor represents one of several possible causes for the problem. Call a professional technician for an inspection, as this symptom often indicates an AC on the verge of failure.

Odd Sounds: Your condenser fan exists at the top of your air conditioner’s exterior unit. If you begin to hear odd sounds, especially buzzes or hums, from this region, then you have a problem with the condenser fan. The fan could be on the verge of failure, or it could simply suffer from misalignment.

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Gold Shield Services Inc. can handle every need with a condenser fan motor in Des Plaines, IL. The next time you need repair, service, or replacement of your condenser fan motor or any other part, simply give our team a call at (847) 553-4691. We can assure you of fast, reliable service that leaves your HVAC in much better shape than before.