Draft Inducer Motor Replacement

Inducer Motor

A Vital Component of Your Furnace, the Inducer Motor Cleanses the System of Harmful Gases.

Draft inducers function as relatively new components in the design of furnaces. In fact, the newfound prevalence of these devices can be attributed mainly to government regulations for HVAC efficiency. These inducer blowers have one primary function: to transport gases and air out of the furnace and up through the chimney. If your inducer motor does not function correctly, safety checks will normally prevent the operation of your furnace.

Draft inducers provide a valuable service in that they transport dangerous gases like carbon monoxide out of your home. They also determine how much air gets moved through the heat exchanger unit, another important service for the overall function of your furnace. If you suspect a problem with your inducer motor in Des Plaines, IL, call Gold Shield Services Inc. at (847) 553-4691. We stand as your local source for all HVAC part replacement services.

What Does a Draft Inducer Motor Accomplish?

As your furnace begins to start, the inducer motor starts up a blower that purges your heat exchanger of any gas that may have become trapped throughout the previous cycle. Thanks to this action, the air inside of your furnace stays clean at the moment of combustion, which prevents the buildup of harmful soot within your system. Higher quality air within your furnace also improves overall efficiency and protects against safety hazards.

A draft inducer motor that can no longer accomplish its job will impair the functionality of your furnace. To determine whether your inducer blower rests on the edge of failure, you can typically pay attention for any odd noises out of your furnace. A noticeably loud electronic humming provides one clear signal. While it’s normal for a furnace fan to hum, loud humming can indicate an inducer blower on the verge of breakdown. Screeches and squeals also indicate a problem with an inducer motor. Since inducer motors present quite complicated assemblies, technicians will generally replace the entire assembly, rather than make an attempt at repairs.

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