ECM Motor Replacement

ECM Motor

The ECM Motor Inside Your Furnace or AC Allows These Systems to Operate at Variable Speeds.

The replacement of your furnace or air conditioner’s old-fashioned blower motor with an upgraded ECM motor can provide serious benefits to your system. Older types of motors, called PSC for permanent split capacitor, have no variable speed. This means that they operate your blower either at full-blast, or not at all. ECM motors can vary the speed based on usage or need, a seemingly simple effect that has wide-ranging benefits.

Gold Shield Services Inc. can install, service, or replace ECM motors for our customers’ HVAC systems. These motors represent an advancement in blower efficiency that has had wide-ranging effects across the HVAC industry. Since their introduction in 1985, ECM motors have contributed greatly to the rise of energy efficient systems. If you have needs that involve an ECM motor in Des Plaines, IL, simply give us a call at (847) 553-4691.

Benefits of an ECM Motor

Variable Speeds: Unlike PSC motors, which have simple on/off functionality, ECM motors can operate at variable speeds. This increases the energy efficiency of your system, and allows for more even heating or cooling. ECM motors tend to operate at 65 to 75 percent efficiency, whereas PSC motors only attain around 45 percent. This higher efficiency will lead to savings on your monthly energy bills.

Longer Life: The use of ball bearings inside ECM motors eliminates the need for lubrication, and contributes to a gradual ramp to maximum output that puts the system through minimal wear. This design contributes to fewer maintenance requirements and a longer life when compared to PSC motors. Once installed, you can count on 10 years of service from your ECM motor, whereas a PSC motor will yield only eight.

Heightened Comfort: Since an ECM motor runs a longer cycle with lessened output, it generates a more consistent impact that leads to greater comfort. PSC motors, with their unbridled, full-speed output and abrupt shut-offs, can contribute to uneven warmth or cooling that quickly dissipates.

We’re Ready to Help

To ask questions, learn more, or schedule installation or replacement of an ECM motor in Des Plaines, IL, call Gold Shield Services Inc. at (847) 553-4691. Our expert, masterful technicians can install these motors in practically any HVAC. With so many benefits, ECM motors represent a wise investment for any HVAC system.