Furnace Gas Valve Replacement

Furnace Gas Valve

When it Comes to Gas Valve Repair, Gold Shield Services, Inc. Represents Your Trusted Source.

As winter approaches, the last thing you want to deal with is a faulty valve on your gas furnace. Quite simply, the furnace gas valve determines whether or not your device will activate since it controls the supply of fuel. If the gas valve ceases to function, then you have a major problem that only a certified professional like Gold Shield Services Inc. can fix.

Our team of expert technicians understands all the complexities of your residential or commercial furnace. Our wide-ranging experience covers all components of these systems, including gas valves. As an all-important part of your furnace’s operation, your gas valve deserves the benefit of expert service. For all issues with a furnace gas valve in Des Plaines, IL, call the local experts at (847) 553-4691.

Signs You Need a New Furnace Gas Valve

Furnace Gas Valve

Whatever the Size or Complexity of Your System, We Can Make the Repairs You Need for Optimal Service.

When it comes to the replacement or repair of a gas valve, never attempt to accomplish the work yourself. If your gas valve fails to light in four to six attempts, you can depend on your furnace’s safety precautions to shut the whole system down. While this preserves your safety, it does nothing to provide for your comfort. In this event, you need to call for professional service immediately.

To avert the potential for a total shutdown, you can perform certain tests to determine the functionality of your gas valve. If anything seems wrong, you can schedule preventative repairs to avert the necessity of a total shutdown.

1. Ensure that Gas Enters Your Home: Check your gas stove or water heater to ensure that gas is entering your home.

2. Check to See if Your Furnace is Warm: If your furnace stopped mid-cycle, but remains warm, then you likely have a problem with your thermocouple, not your gas valve.

3. Use a Voltmeter: To rule out an electrical problem, hold a voltmeter next to your furnace’s igniter. If it does not register, then you have an electrical problem. Call Gold Shield Services Inc. for help. If it does register, then you have a problem with your gas valve.

You should never attempt the repair or replacement of a gas valve on your own. For these types of dangerous operations, always trust the professionals at Gold Shield Services Inc..

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For any possible issues with a faulty gas valve, Gold Shield Services Inc. represents your trusted source for repairs. We can both identify and repair gas valve issues quickly, and return your furnace to optimized working order. For any issue with a furnace gas valve in Des Plaines, IL, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.