Furnace Pressure Switch Replacement

Furnace Pressure Switch

A Voltmeter Can Be a Valuable Tool to Determine the Functionality of Your Pressure Switch.

Most modern gas furnaces come with a plethora of safety features to protect you from potential problems. The furnace pressure switch represents one of these safety devices. When your furnace begins its ignition sequence, the pressure switch must close a connection in order for the sequence to continue. Even though the pressure switch exists to prevent problems within your furnace, it can occasionally become an issue itself. When this occurs, trust Gold Shield Services Inc. for repairs.

Gold Shield Services Inc. maintains an expert team of knowledgeable, skilled, and personable technicians to serve any furnace or HVAC need. Whether you own a home or business, we have the skills and equipment to provide service across any variety of furnace. When it comes to the replacement of a furnace pressure switch in Des Plaines, IL, we represent the team to trust. To learn more about our company, ask questions, or schedule service, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.

Time for Furnace Pressure Switch Replacement

If you have begun to experience functionality issues with your furnace, then a faulty pressure switch could represent the problem. Look for the following signs, then reach out to our team for help.

No Ignition: Failure to ignite could indicate any number of problems, from issues with the blower motor or igniter, to a problem with the power supply or gas. It could also mean you have a faulty pressure switch. If the pressure switch refuses to close, then your furnace will never complete its ignition sequence.

Damaged Terminals: Your pressure switch has terminals that complete a sequence to the furnace’s control board. If you can inspect these terminals and see that they have become burnt or discolored, then you’ve isolated the problem to the pressure switch.

Incorrect Voltage: If you have proficiency with a voltmeter, you can check the voltage of the pressure switch to determine whether it works. The pressure switch should register 24 to 28 volts. If you receive no reading, or if the numbers appear way out of line with this expectation, then your pressure switch needs replacement.

We’ve Got the Service You Need

Gold Shield Services Inc. can provide all the help you need with a faulty pressure switch. If you suspect a problem with this component, call our team at (847) 553-4691 to schedule service for confirmation and repair. For all issues with a problematic furnace pressure switch in Des Plaines, IL, we’re the team to choose.