Heat Exchanger Replacement

Heat Exchanger

Regardless of the Size of Your Commercial Furnace, We Provide Professional Service for Exchangers.

Few components of your gas furnace have the importance of the heat exchanger. This vital piece of thin metal separates your furnace’s combustion chamber from the heated air that will warm your structure. As the exchanger heats up from the furnace’s combustion, it transfers this heat into the air that the blower will distribute into your home or business. If you have trouble with your heat exchanger, do not hesitate to call Gold Shield Services Inc. for repairs.

If your exchanger becomes damaged, it represents a serious problem. Damaged exchangers can allow the gases and fumes from the combustion chamber to mix with your breathable air. The health consequences that can result from this should prompt the regular inspection of your exchanger. If you suspect any trouble with a heat exchanger in Des Plaines, IL, contact Gold Shield Services Inc.. at (847) 553-4691 right away.

Signs You Have a Damaged Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers Can Vary in Size and Appearance. Regardless, Trust Our Team for Replacement.

Visual Cracks: The simplest way to inspect an exchanger for damage is to look for visible cracks. Though professionals will use infrared light to detect cracks invisible to the naked eye, you can use a flashlight to see particularly large ones. If you ever see a crack on your exchanger, call for immediate professional service.

Carbon Monoxide Detection: If your carbon monoxide detector sounds off, a damaged heat exchanger can represent a possible cause. Carbon monoxide exists as a byproduct of your furnace’s combustion. If you have a damaged exchanger, the carbon monoxide can seep through into your breathable air.

Furnace Flame Oddities: If your furnace flame appears a different color or seems highly mobile, you have a problem that requires expert service. A damaged heat exchanger will allow fresh air to mix with air in the combustion chamber. This fresh air can have a dramatic impact on the furnace flame itself, leading it to jump and dance more than normal.

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Gold Shield Services Inc. represents your local source for any repairs to a heat exchanger in Des Plaines, IL. If you have noticed any of the above problems, give us a call at (847) 553-4691 for immediate service. Damaged exchangers are a serious problem for both your furnace and your health, so do not delay your call for help.