HVAC Control Board Replacement

HVAC Control Board

The Control Board Is an Intricate Mechanism That Governs the Operation of Your Furnace.

As a vital component of your HVAC system, the control board regulates operation of your furnace. In a sense, since these circuits determine the sequence of operations for your furnace, they exist as the device’s heart. A problem with your HVAC control board can easily result in a non-functional furnace. In some cases, furnace malfunction rooted in a faulty control board can have serious consequences.

At Gold Shield Services Inc., we appreciate the importance of the HVAC control board. We furthermore have all the expertise and equipment necessary to both diagnose and repair control board problems. The next time furnace problems appear rooted in a faulty HVAC control board in Des Plaines, IL, call (847) 553-4691 for help from our expert team.

Troubleshoot an HVAC Control Board

HVAC Control Board

Our Technicians Have All the Equipment and Skills to Repair or Replace Your Control Board.

Your control board manages the sequence of operations that defines your furnace’s functionality. A disturbance in this sequence, or operations that appear out of order, usually reveal problems with the control board. If you’ve had problems with your furnace, pay attention to its operation sequence to judge whether a faulty control board exists as the cause of your troubles.

  • The call for heat starts the induced draft motor in furnaces that have one.
  • The inducer closes a pressure switch to either ignite your pilot, start the direct spark igniter, or warm up the hot surface igniter.
  • The gas valve energizes to light the burners.
  • A timer begins for the energizing of the furnace blower.
  • The furnace blows until the set temperature is achieved.
  • The controller shuts off the gas.
  • A timer regulates the shut-off of the furnace fan.

A little foreknowledge of furnace operation can combine with observation of this sequence to determine the functionality of your control board. If any of these operations fail to occur, or seem to occur out of order, you can place the blame on your control board.

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If you need help with the diagnosis or repair of your furnace control board, call the expert team at Gold Shield Services Inc. at (847) 553-4691. We represent your expert local source for the replacement of an HVAC control board in Des Plaines, IL. When it comes to vital components such as this, trust only the highest quality contractors with your work.