HVAC Relay Replacement

HVAC Relay

Your HVAC Relays Regulate Power Afforded to High-Voltage Components Like Compressors.

Your HVAC relay, also called a contactor, represents a simple switch that turns on to allow the function of high voltage components like compressors and motors. Clearly, these represent important parts of your HVAC system. Many home and business owners fail to appreciate the significance of seemingly small parts like these; however, their failure to function properly can have a broad impact across your system.

Gold Shield Services Inc. does not discount the importance of the HVAC relay. We understand that its proper functionality determines the performance of your system, and that the relay can sit at the heart of many major problems. In order to adequately care for your system, the relay must remain in good repair. For any problem with an HVAC relay in Des Plaines, IL, call Gold Shield Services Inc. today at (847) 553-4691.

Problems with an HVAC Relay

HVAC Relay

A Relay Switch Can Become Stuck Either Open or Closed to Cause Major Problems in an HVAC.

A faulty relay or contactor can cause major problems for your heater or air conditioner. If you notice any of the following problems, then you can possibly blame a problematic relay. To confirm this diagnose and receive masterful repairs, contact Gold Shield Services Inc..

Constant Operation: If your air conditioner or heater fails to shut-off unless you flip a breaker or pull the plug, then you likely have relay issues. This problem suggests a contactor that has become locked in place. When this happens, your heater or air conditioner receives a continuous signal for operation that overrides the thermostat.

Won’t Start: If your thermostat clicks on without a response from your heater or air conditioner unit, then you could have a relay problem. Even with orders from the thermostat, your system will not operate if it doesn’t have the high-voltage activation from the HVAC relay.

Overheating or Freezing Up: Your unit will only trip its emergency shut-off if it has run to the point of overheating or blowing out a motor. A faulty contactor often exists at the heart of this problem. At the same time, your air conditioner could freeze up from a bad relay. This happens when the unit has run for so long that its internal temperature falls enough to freeze condensation.

We’re Here to Help

Faulty HVAC relays or contactors can cause major problems. To stay on top of this area, remember the above symptoms and call ANC Mechanical, Inc. at (847) 553-4691 for help. When it comes to any HVAC component, we represent your local experts. Any need with an HVAC relay in Des Plaines, IL finds its one-stop solution in Gold Shield Services Inc..