Air Conditioner Fan Repair & Replacement

Air Conditioner Fan

Fans Act as Important Components of Your HVAC. For Premier Service, Trust Our Team.

One of the more common repair needs that afflict air conditioners comes from the various fans within the system. An air conditioner actually has two important fans: the blower and the condenser fan. The blower fan circulates cool or warm air through your HVAC system to regulate the temperature of your structure. The condenser air conditioner fan works to cool your ACs condenser, the core component that functions as a heat exchanger. If either of these fans begins to break down, you are headed toward complete air conditioner failure.

Gold Shield Services Inc. provides premier repair and replacement services for air conditioner fans. Our experienced, expert technicians have all the tools and equipment to render unbeatable work that preserves the overall health of your system. For repair or replacement to an air conditioner fan in Des Plaines, IL, you can trust in our rapid response and thorough service. To learn more, ask questions, or schedule service, call us today at (847) 553-4691.

Signs for Air Conditioner Fan Repair

Air Conditioner Fan

The Condenser Fan Sits Atop Your Outdoor Unit to Regulate the Temperature of the Condenser.

Lack of Air: When one of your fans’ motors begins to struggle, it can decrease the overall airflow within your system. When the air conditioner switches on, you will notice little to no air traveling from the vents to cool rooms.

Warm Air: Your fans not only keep air flow moving throughout your system, they also help with the cooling processes of your HVAC. If a fan malfunctions, it can impair your HVAC’s ability to cycle hot air out of the system. This can result in warm air traveling outward from your vents.

Bad Run Capacitor: Each fan has an attached capacitor that provides extra energy to satisfy your fans’ needs. If this capacitor becomes damaged or non-functional, it will prevent the fan from kicking on.

Buzzing: Unusual sounds near your HVAC fans can indicate an electrical problem. Since the wiring for these components is complicated, never attempt repairs on your own. Call a certified HVAC professional for immediate service.

Local Experts for Repair

Gold Shield Services Inc. represents your premier local source for the repair or replacement of an air conditioner fan in Des Plaines, IL. If any of the above problems become apparent, do not delay your call to (847) 553-4691. Our team can render fast, expert-level service that will have your HVAC up and running in no time.