HVAC Blower Motor Repair & Replacement

HVAC Blower Motor

An Old or Damaged Blower Motor Can Have Detrimental Effects Across Your HVAC System.

The blower in your HVAC has the indispensable function to circulate air throughout your home or business. Without a fully functional HVAC blower motor, the heat that your furnace generates, along with cool air from your air conditioner, cannot regulate your structure’s temperature. At Gold Shield Services Inc. we offer top-tier repairs for HVAC blower motors. 

Our team of expertly trained, experienced technicians can render exceptional service for blower motors. Whenever you contact Gold Shield Services Inc. for repairs, you can count on fast, thorough service that returns your HVAC to prime condition. For any replacement or repair services for an HVAC blower motor in Des Plaines, IL, give us a call today at (847) 553-4691.

Replace Your HVAC Blower Motor

As an indispensable component of your HVAC, the blower motor should remain in peak condition. If you notice any of the following signs for service, contact us right away.

Lack of Air: If your thermostat kicks on, but you detect no air from your vents, then you have a problem with a major component of your HVAC. Since the blower motor’s main function is to circulate air through your system, it stands as a likely cause of the problem.

No Noise from Outdoor Unit: Your outdoor air conditioner unit should produce a distinctive hum or whir when it works properly. If it doesn’t emit a sound, then your blower probably doesn’t work properly. Though other causes can result in a non-functional outdoor unit, the blower represents a prime source of concern.

Loud Noises: Even when the blower functions, it can provide signs that it needs repair. A blower that emits a loud banging or squeaking noise has definite repair needs. You’ve either got a blower with loose parts or outright damage, a situation that needs the immediate attention of professional service.

We’re Here to Serve

Gold Shield Services Inc. exists to serve all of your needs with an HVAC blower motor in Des Plaines, IL. We provide top-tier customer service and unparalleled technical capabilities to solve any problem quickly. When you simply need your HVAC to function without worry of mechanical failures, you can count on our team. To learn more or schedule service, call (847) 553-4691 today.