HVAC Thermostat Repair & Upgrades

HVAC Thermostat

Modern Thermostats Provide a Host of Advanced Features that Can Benefit Your Home.

A broken or failing HVAC thermostat can create major problems for a homeowner. Any problems with a thermostat become exacerbated throughout the summer and winter, seasons when you need your thermostat to function properly. More than just a temperature reading, your thermostat actually governs the operation of your HVAC. Gold Shield Services Inc. recognizes the importance of thermostats, and can perform premier repairs or parts replacements for our local clientele.

Thermostats represent one component of your HVAC that simply must function properly. Once you reach out to our expert team, we can ensure a rapid response and diagnosis of your thermostat problems. Whether you need repair or a replacement HVAC thermostat in Des Plaines, IL, we’re the team to choose. To learn more or schedule service, call us anytime at (847) 553-4691.

Signs You Need a Replacement HVAC Thermostat

HVAC Thermostat

You Can Count on Our Team for the Proper Repair or Replacement of Your Thermostat.

A broken thermostat will lead to a non-functional HVAC. To prevent this dire occurrence, pay attention to the following areas of concern. 

HVAC Won’t Start: Your thermostat governs the operation of your HVAC. If your system won’t start at all, you can probably point the finger at the thermostat. Wiring problems can interrupt the connection between the thermostat and the HVAC, while problems within the thermostat itself can lead to incorrect temperature readings.

Constantly Running HVAC: Though the opposite of the preceding problem, an HVAC that will not shut off can have its problem rooted in the same cause. A disruption in the connection between the thermostat and AC or heater, or a miscalibrated thermostat can create a situation where your HVAC never receives the signal to turn off.

Varied Temperatures: If the temperatures throughout your home seem to vary, the thermostat may be to blame. A malfunctioning thermostat will sometimes send sporadic signals to activate and deactivate your HVAC. This quick on and off cycling will not only lead to uneven cooling or heating, it will also inflict serious wear on your system.

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Gold Shield Services Inc. can readily repair or replace your damaged or malfunctioning thermostat. We can also install modern, upgraded thermostats with a host of new features that encourage improved energy efficiency. The next time you have a problem with your HVAC thermostat in Des Plaines, IL, call (847) 553-4691 for your local experts.